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Frequently Asked Questions

Bidding Etiquette

1 Do NOT bid if you are not serious – BE SURE YOU WANT THE ITEM.
2 It's the buyers responsibility to pick up items - sellers are not required to deliver.
3 Ask questions before you bid. For example: where is the pickup location?
4 It's up to you to contact the seller within 24 hours to arrange pickup.
5 Rude or discouraging comments are not OK. If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.

Selling Etiquette

1 Bidwars is for items, not services or advertisements. Free auctions are not allowed.
2 Your description must be accurate - be honest about the condition, size, etc. A great picture goes a long way.
3 Auctions are binding - if it sells you're committed to complete the sale. Don't post on other sites at the same time.
4 No bumping more than once every 12 hours.
5 Nothing illegal, no weapons, no live animals and no commercial ads.

More FAQs

  • What is Bidwars, and how does it work?

    Bidwars is your local auction hotspot. Post your unwanted items (clothing, tools, furniture, baby gear etc.) for auction, and let local buyers bid to win. When the auction is over, buyer and seller make prompt arrangements to meet up (buyer picks up, unless other arrangement have been agreed upon) and the item is exchanged for cash. Simple, and awesome.

  • What is the % near to our names?

    This is the percentage of positive feedback that the user has received. Feedback can be left for both buyers and sellers, based on your experience. If a seller described an item well, and disclosed any flaws, I’d say positive feedback is in order. If a buyer was prompt to communicate, and followed through with pick up as planned, ditto.

  • What is number beside our names?

    This a user's feedback score (similar to eBay but different from your feedback percentage). A high score means the user has been involved in a lot of positive transactions and dealing with this user will likely be a good experience.

  • Can you "Bump" auctions?

    You can bump your auction at any time by spending a bit of your bidwars points (10 points for first 3 bumps of an acution and 100 points for more bumps) (check How to get bidwars points?). Open your auction and click 'bump this item' button to bump an auction.

  • How do badges, points, and praise work?

    Points are earned when you sell or win an item. You can use points for buying badges!

    Badges are gifts you can give out to people when they do something great on Bidwars. Maybe they gave you a good deal, helped you learn how to use the site, were on time, or just plain pleasant to deal with. Use your points to buy and send them a badge, this is called "giving praise".

    Giving praise. You'll see these buttons on user profiles, click one to get started with showing your appreciation for another user.

  • How do I block a user?

    Go to your settings page to block or unblock a user. This will prevent them from bidding or commenting on your auctions.

  • Is it safe to login with Facebook on Bidwars?

    Short answer: yes, it's actually safer. But don't take our word for it see what Facebook says:

  • What is a max bid, and how do I set one?

    When placing a bid on an item, you can either enter an amount $1 greater than the current high bid, or you can set what is called a max bid. To do this, enter your ‘limit’ and the Bidwars computer will bid on your behalf, increasing only as needed to outbid others, up to the limit you have entered.

    You may notice that you are sometimes outbid instantly. This is because the high bidder has already placed a max bid higher than yours.

    To lower our max bid simply place another bid at the lower amount.

  • Why does time get added to the clock when I bid at the end of an auction?

    All auctions end 2 minutes after the last bid. I like to think of the 2 minutes as being the auctioneer yelling "going, going... gone!" If the auction ended at say, 8:00, and there was no 2 minute rule, it would be a chance situation with bidders just trying to be the last bidder at the last second before the clock changed. The extra 2 minutes allows for the bidder that is willing to pay the most to win. Each time a bid is placed within 2 minutes of the last, the timer will reset to add 2 more minutes. The extra 2 minutes will only be added if a bid is placed within the last 2 minutes of the auctions set end time, and following each bid thereafter. Confused? Don’t worry. If you want the item, just keep outbidding the other guy and the machine will take care of the rest.

  • What is the dollar amount on the yellow background next to the starting or current bid?

    This is the BIN or Buy It Now price. By entering this price you are doing just that, buying it now. This means that the auction will end, the item will be yours, and you won’t need to bid any further. This is optional for sellers, so some items will have it, and others won’t.

  • How do I delete my auctions?

    You can delete an auction as long as no bids have been placed. Just click the trash can icon at the bottom of the auction in the auctions list, or click "Edit Auction" and then "Delete" on the auction details page.

  • Can I edit my auction?

    Yes. You can edit your auctions. If the auction has bids then you can only edit some things.

  • Can I use another email other than facebook account email to receive notificaiton?

    Yes. You can set a new email for notification on your settings page.

  • When trying to post an auction from my iPhone, the "choose file" button isn’t highlighted for me to click. Why not?

    This is likely because you need to update your phone. Is there a little red "1" on your settings icon? If so, click on it, and follow through to update.

  • Why do you ask for my location?

    So we can show shoppers where the item is located. It's easiest to enter your postal code (if you remember it). Previously we used regions but addresses and postal codes allow shoppers to see more accurately how far away each item is.

    Tip: enter your postal code or the closest intersection if you're uncomfortable giving your address.